Kay Meek Theatre, West Vancouver
    (Four Films) March 29 • 7:30PM 

    Enjoy four films that explore the beauty of our natural environment, its resilience, and the changes we must make to protect it. Feature film: Our Food Table featuring Dr. David Suzuki. Presented by Vancouver's North Shore Tourism Association and the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

    River of the Mind
    Director: Marc Lebel 

    This short film explores the relationship between fly fishing and meditation and was filmed entirely on the North Shore. (4 min)

    My Adventures with the Wild of Home
    Director: Bob Turner

    My Adventures with the Wild of Home is a personal retrospective on the wild nature Bob has encountered over his 35 years on and around Nex̱wlélex̱wm/Bowen Island - from sea lions and whales, sea stars and surf scoter, to forest slugs and beaver. (17 min)

    HA NII TOKXW: Our Food Table
    Filmmaker: Farhan Umedaly

    HA NII TOKXW: Our Food Table, featuring Dr. David Suzuki, is the story of the indigenous Gitanyow people and their struggle to protect their traditional lands and "food table" in the face of climate change, industrialization and colonization in Northern British Columbia. (40 min)

    Great Bear Rainforest
    Director: Chandra Simon Ritvo
    Cinematography: Jon Rawlinson

    Filmed for Stanford University, and featuring Art Sterritt, who was recognized for the critical role he played in establishing and protecting the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. (8 min)

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    Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver
    (Six Shorts) March 30 • 3:30PM

    Enjoy the dark humour of six North Shore based filmmakers as they explore relationships, consequence of actions and even the afterlife. Several filmmakers will be on hand to introduce their work. Presented by Mitsubishi Motors on the North Shore.

    The Disappearance and Sudden
    Reappearance of Peter Witt

    Director: Andreas Mannegre
    Producer: Clint Bargen

    An insecure scientist accidentally invents a way to teleport himself into unexpected places. (13 min)

    Strings Attached
    Director: Brooke Fusick
    Producer: Shelby Stadnyk

    When Stefan’s bigger than life ex shows up at a party, he must end his infatuations in order to see the real Jolene. (5 min)

    Staff Meeting
    Director: Brooke Fusick
    Producer: Shelby Stadnyk & Ryan Hoffmann

    In this dark comedy, a university faculty dinner goes awry when the chairman of the art department winds up dead. In an unlikely alliance, university professor Carla and research assistant Amelia try to recall the events over dinner and discover secrets the chairman was hiding all along. (9 min)

    School Play
    Director: Ryan Jamison

    An elementary school play is disrupted by a particularly enthusiastic audience member.  (5 min)

    Directors: Julie Bruns & Steven Kammerer

    A 1940s housewife struggles with the Sisyphean task of a violent marriage...with a twist.

    Blink has screened at several major Canadian genre film festivals, including Blood in the Snow Film Festival, Hamilton Film Festival, Terror in the Bay Film Festival and Hellifax Film Festival. (5 min)

    Somewhere In The Woods
    Director: Rylie Siraj
    Producer: Adam Crystal

    Somewhere In The Woods, a film by Rylie Siraj & Adam Crystal is a no dialogue film, the story told entirely through audience interpretation and feeling. Shot in beautiful north vancouver, we watch a story about two ghosts in this peaceful, but lonely forest. (5 min)

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    Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver
    (Five Shorts) March 30 • 7:30PM

    Shot against the backdrop of the North Shore, these five short films delve into the intricate dynamics among parents, siblings, friends, and lovers. Each short offers a unique exploration of human connection.

    The Man Who Lived Forever
    Director: Ryan Jamison

    An elderly man on his deathbed seeks peace with his imminent fate through an old film reel of his father. (8 min)

    The Audacious Adventure of Freebird and Delta Dawn
    Director: Raeanne Cummings

    Sam is a young girl in the early 1980s who decides to create her own imaginary and absurd map in hopes of finding 'treasure', becoming a renowned adventurer, and escaping her toxic life at home. She is accompanied by her best friend through the adventure's twists and turns, exploring the wilderness and the depths of their friendship and adolescence. (19 min)

    Never Broken
    Directors: Mary-Jo Dionne & Jeff Macpherson

    It's 1977. And when young mom, Shirley, finds herself broke and alone and raising her 5-year-old daughter, she creates a world of make-believe to convince her young daughter that they are actually quite rich. As the two navigate a world of lack through the lens of abundance, Shirley's tireless heroics are tested time and again and we are ultimately left to question that most vulgar of terms: the 'broken' home. (17 min)

    Whatever Happens
    Directors: Mark Rankin & Maki Rankin

    A teenage girl accidentally finds out a family secret and tries to face the reality with the support of her best friend. (14 min)

    The Big Picture
    Director: Kaitlin Green 
    Producer: Shelby Stadnyk

    The Big Picture is a dramatic comedy which follows two estranged brothers who, after the recent passing of their father, are forced to reconnect as they continue their family tradition of trying to find the infamous creature of the forest: Bigfoot. (7 min)

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    Kay Meek Theatre, West Vancouver
    (Five Films) March 31 • 7:30PM

    The North Shore is a special place. While we’re world renowned for our mountains and oceans, it is really the people that make this place. Presented by British Pacific Properties, enjoy an evening of introductions to some of our most interesting residents.

    On Fire In Ice
    Director: John Kelly

    Fighting an unrelenting and rare disease, a man suffering from chronic pain finds solace in frigid waters. (6 min)

    LEGO Artist Paul Hetherington
    Director: Christopher Markowsky

    A profile on North Van’s LEGO artist Paul Hetherington and his history with creating unique brick builds with a focus on The Bricktacular West Coast Modern Show in West Vancouver. (7 min)

    Ross Penhall - The Artists Life
    Director: Christopher Markowsky

    West Vancouver Artist Ross Penhall shares his process on creation and inspiration as well as a tour of his solo show, Losing Control of the Landscape at the West Vancouver Art Museum. (5 min)

    Featuring: Jack Rieder
    Behind the Lens: Anthony Degelman

    Pro kiteboarder, Jack Rieder had the goal to create a video exactly how he wanted to after a gruelling season of international competition. No compromises, his music taste, and not taking things too seriously. (4 min)

    Dough Boys
    Director: Nija Potton

    Dough Boys depicts the lives of two men – both with backgrounds in pizza making. A pizzaiolo (Sean) and a now cyber security engineer (Dave) share their views on what it means to be successful. (5 min)

    Dancing with Mom
    Director: Trish Neufeld

    Dancing with Mom captures the extraordinary journey of filmmaker Trish Neufeld and her mother Pat, as they navigate the unraveling of Pat’s mind. The path they travel over eight years sends them from North Vancouver to the warm refuge of Thailand - and ultimately deep into their own family history, as a complex mystery emerges.  Childhood drawings inspire a darkly comedic animated exploration of the past, bringing levity to the sometimes-heartbreaking story of Pat’s rare dementia.  As Pat declines, Trish grapples with the unconventional life she shared with her mom, her three father-figures, and the misunderstood genetic legacy that haunts the family.  Love intervenes – but it may not save Trish from a grief so powerful, it threatens to destroy her. (76 min)

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    Kay Meek Theatre, West Vancouver
    (Two Films) April 18 • 7:30PM

    The Canadian theatrical premier of Krow's Transformation; Transitioning from international female model to male model and conquering the runways of Paris along the way, follow Krow’s remarkable journey to become his true authentic self. 

    Opening Film: Never Broken
    Directors: Mary-Jo Dionne & Jeff Macpherson

    Feature Film: Krow’s Transformation
    Director: Gina Hole Lazarowich

    Q&A with filmmaker to follow screening

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